It’s more important than ever to promote good savings habits that can help improve America’s financial health. According to research from the Center for the New Middle Class, almost 70 percent of Americans with non-prime credit (scores below 700) couldn’t cover an urgent expense of $500 or more with their savings and 64 percent wouldn’t be able to borrow that amount from friends and family. Now is the perfect time to begin new good financial habits that can pay dividends all year.


RISE is proud to announce our support of’s Tax-Time FinTech Pledge to promote good savings habits . By taking the pledge, we are joining EARN in their goal to motivate millions of tax filers to take a pledge and save a portion of their tax refund. For most families, a tax refund is the biggest check they receive all year. Saving a portion of it can either begin or bolster an emergency fund that can make a huge difference in the year ahead.


Also, we’re committed to promoting the SaverLife Tax-Time Pledge to our RISE customers, partners and social media community, and encourage others in the industry to do the same. When pledgers set the amount of their refund they plan to save and specify how they’ll use it, they are automatically entered to win prizes. SaverLife is giving away $15,000 to those who take the pledge. So far, more than 4,000 people have taken the pledge to save a portion of their tax refund.


Join RISE in our commitment to helping Americans save more.  Take the pledge today

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