Podcasts are all the rage these days, but they don’t just offer entertainment or the latest political news. An entire universe of podcasts now exists for people who are looking to improve their lives, and personal finance is one of the hottest topics.


Here are our picks for the 50 best finance podcasts, covering everything from managing debt, to starting a small business, to taking your investing skills to the next level.


General Finance

  1. The Dave Ramsey Show - One of the most popular financial gurus in the U.S., Dave Ramsey offers advice on investing, retirement, insurance, debt, and virtually anything else related to improving your financial outlook.


  1. So Money - Financial correspondent Farnoosh Torabi speaks with authors, innovators, celebrities, business leaders, and more about all aspects of money and personal finance. Tune in on Fridays to hear her take on questions sent in by listeners.
  1. BiggerPockets Money Podcast - Each week, financial experts Mindy Jensen and Scott Trench interview thought leaders about how to save money and build wealth. Episodes feature such topics as “Scholarships and Other Ways to Pay for College with Zach Gautier” and “Playing with FIRE (Financial Independence Retire Early) with Scott Rieckens.”


  1. Planet Money - Planet Money explores various aspects of the economy in a fresh, fun way. Episode titles include “Are Cities Overrated?” and “Why The Price of Coke Didn't Change For 70 years.”


  1. The Indicator from Planet Money - Billed as “a little show about big ideas,” this NPR podcast offers “quick hit” episodes about work, business, and the economy.


  1. Meb Farber Podcast - Chief investment officer for Cambria Investment Management Meb Farber tackles the art and science of growing and preserving wealth.


  1. The Financial Modeling Podcast - Host Matthew Bernath explores finance, dealmaking, and data science. Includes interviews with industry experts.


  1. Optimal Finance Daily - Produced by the team at Optimal Living Daily, this podcast curates top articles from personal finance blogs and shares them in audio format.


  1. Well Kept Wallet Podcast - Financial expert and founder of the blog Well Kept Wallet Deacon Hayes interviews successful people who love what they do for a living. Recent episodes include “How to Make Serious Passive Income with Pat Flynn” and “How to Become Financially Independent at 39.”


  1. Money Mastermind Podcast - Five panelists discuss a plethora of finance-related topics. Recent episodes include “Getting the Most Out of Your Credit Cards” and “Budgeting and Cultivating a Dream Lifestyle.”


  1. Personal Profitability Podcast - This podcast aims to help listeners “learn how to spend thoughtfully, grow your wealth, and live a better life through mindful personal finance.”


  1. Morgan Stanley Ideas Podcast - This investment firm’s podcast covers business, finance, technology, and beyond. Recent episodes include “The Bioplastic Future” and “What Does it Mean to Retire Now?”


  1. Listen, Money Matters - This money management podcasts promises not to be “your father’s boring money show.” Categories include budgeting, investing, income, and debt.


  1. Radical Personal Finance - Professional financial advisor Joshua Sheats hosts this podcast dedicated to the concept of financial freedom. Recent episodes include “The Power of Choosing Not to Retire” and “The Accidental Millionaire.”


  1. The Scott Alan Turner Show: Financial Rockstar - This podcast from self-described former “money moron” Scott Alan Turner promises to deliver foolproof, unbiased insights about personal finance and money management.




  1. Invested - Phil Town’s investing podcast seeks to “empower individual investors around the world to take control of their money and transform their lives.” Town espouses the Warren Buffett strategy of investing and has written three New York Times best-selling books on investing.


  1. We Study Billionaires - A member of the Investor’s Podcast Network, this podcast studies self-made billionaires and interviews entrepreneurs from a variety of industries to get insights on how they’ve achieved financial success. 


  1. Money for the Rest of Us - Hosted by former chief investment strategist J. David Stein, this podcast is geared toward beginning investors who want to manage their own money.


  1. The Disciplined Investor -  This podcast offers investing advice for both seasoned investors and newbies and includes interviews with industry experts.


  1. Stacking Benjamins - An investing and financial literacy podcast, Stacking Benjamins strives to help listeners lock in a better financial future.


  1. Exchanges at Goldman Sachs - Experts from around the firm discuss issues that shape the global economy. Episode titles include “Does Human Behavior Move the Markets?” and “What’s Keeping Insurers Up at Night?”


  1. Russell Investments Podcast - This podcast for institutional investors, financial advisers, and individual investors offers a “deep dive into the investing world.”


  1. Bloomberg Surveillance - Covers the latest news in finance, economics, and investing. Includes conversations with leading experts about global markets.


  1. Motley Fool Money - A weekly podcast focused on the latest news in the world of finance and investing. Listen to personal stories told by investors.


Budgeting, Debt, and Living Frugally


  1. Frugal Friends Podcast - Frugality experts Jen and Jill cover such topics as saving money, spending less, adopting minimalism, and achieving financial independence.


  1. Afford Anything - Host Paula Pant interviews experts and answers listeners questions on such topics as real estate, entrepreneurship, side hustles, personal development, and more.


  1. His & Her Money Show - Money experts and married couple Talaat and Tai McNeely interview “average” people who achieved financial success by saving money, paying off debt, side hustling, starting a business, and more.


  1. Life Kit - Part of the NPR family of podcasts, Life Kit features episodes with such titles as “How to Pay for College” and “Find Money You Didn’t Know You Had.”


  1. ChooseFi -This podcast by and for the Financial Independence Retire Early (FIRE) community seeks to help listeners avoid the “hamster wheel of debt” and achieve financial independence. Includes interviews with some of the most respected thought leaders in the world of personal finance.


Millennial Money


  1. Financial Freedom - Hosted by Grant Sabatier of the Millennial Money website, this podcast aims to help listeners master their money so they can live more meaningful lives. Topics include investing, side hustling, real estate, entrepreneurship, and early retirement.


  1. Mo’Money Podcast - Millennial money expert Jessica Moorehouse interviews top personal finance experts and explores such topics as early retirement, investing, and budgeting best practices.


  1. The College Investor Audio Show - This short-format podcast hosted by Robert Farrington focuses on various financial issues that millennials face. Find episodes on managing student loan debt, investing, budgeting, and more.


  1. Mad Fientist - Offers advice on investing, entrepreneurship, travel hacking, real estate, and all things related to financial independence.


  1. Journey to Launch - Money expert Jamila Soufflant’s Journey to Launch podcast focuses on the overarching topic of financial freedom. Named one of  “27 Podcasts You Need To Start Listening To In 2018″ by BuzzFeed.


Personal Finance for Women


  1. HerMoney - Host Jean Chatzkey, financial editor of NBC's The Today Show, focuses on the unique financial challenges women face in today’s economy. Includes tips and advice from leading experts.


  1. The Fairer Cents - This podcast explores the economic realities that women, people of color, and other marginalized groups face. Learn more about the fight for income equality.


  1. GirlBoss Radio - Hosted by Sophia Amoruso, founder of GirlBoss Media, this podcast features interviews with some of the most influential female entrepreneurs making headlines today.


Small Business


  1. What Works - Tara McMullin’s podcast offers interviews with experts and real-world advice for entrepreneurs and small business owners.


  1. The Side Hustle Show - This show aims to teach listeners how to start and grow a successful business from the ground up. Categories include online business, freelancing, e-commerce, and investing.


  1. Martinis and Your Money Podcast - Shannon McLay, financial advisor and founder of the financial services firm The Financial Gym, interviews industry experts about money and careers in a lighthearted format.


  1. The Smart Passive Income Podcast - This award-winning podcast focuses on strategies and advice for building an online business. Find interviews with financial experts like Tim Ferriss, author of “The 4-Hour Workweek” and physical fitness entrepreneur Chalene Johnson.


Other Financial Podcasts


  1. Function - This technology podcast hosted by Glitch CEO Anil Dash includes episodes that explore the world of personal finance apps.


  1. Real Estate Investing Mastery -  Professional house flipper Joe McCall offers advice on how to earn a living via real estate investing.


  1. Bad with Money - Comedian and New York Times best-selling author Gaby Dunn explores the intersection of finance and social justice in this cheeky podcast.


  1. Death, Sex & Money - "I think of 'Death, Sex & Money' as trying to explore the emotional landscape of personal finance," says Anna Sale, host of this podcast produced by WNYC Studios in New York.


  1. The Dream - This podcast offers a look inside the world of pyramid schemes and multi-level marketing scams, and aims to educate listeners about the dangers of the “get rich quick” industry.


  1. Financial Times’ Banking Weekly Podcast -  Each week, the hosts of this podcast discuss the latest news and issues that impact the banking industry.


  1. Bloomberg P&L - Listen to the latest news and insights about Wall Street from Bloomberg writers, analysts, and influencers.


  1. Bloomberg Masters in Business - Hosted by Bloomberg Opinion columnist Barry Ritholtz, this podcast takes a look at the people and ideas that shape markets, investing and business.


  1. WSJ’s What’s News - This business news podcast features top stories from journalists on such wide ranging topics as the economy, global markets, and politics.


We hope one of the above podcasts is just what you’re looking for. Want even more advice on building better money habits? Rise offers free, interactive tools for setting savings goals, tracking spending, and managing debt.


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