Are you looking for a few side hustle ideas to bring in extra cash? Check out these 31 creative ways to make money — whether you prefer to work online or outside. From dog walking to becoming a local tour guide to wrapping your car in advertisements, there are tons of innovative opportunities to make money on the side.


Ways to Make Money From Home

1. Sell your stuff

Remember that pile of clothes that is now collecting dust in the basement? Sell things on Facebook Marketplace, Craigslist, or eBay or watch old items become fast cash by bringing clothes to a local consignment shop.

2. Rent out a spare room on Airbnb

Are you a homeowner with an extra apartment above the garage? Do you have access to a spare bedroom? Consider renting out a single room or your entire home on sites like Airbnb or Vrbo.

3. Make crafts

If you’re good at making things, craft your own wares. Pillows, candles, and earrings are perennial best-sellers, and you will most likely be surprised at how many friends are interested.

4. Host a garage sale

It’s an oldie but a goodie: Purge your house, tag items you no longer want, and host a spectacular garage sale. It’s a great way to earn easy money — and as an added perk you’ll have a clean space.

5. Start a podcast

If you love to chat and have a lot to say, consider starting a podcast. The start-up cost is low and you can do it from home. If it gains traction, you may be able to make money from advertisers.

6. Sell gift cards

Do you have a stash of unused gift cards sitting at home? Websites such as CardCash can actually help you turn those gift cards into cash.

7. Bake something delicious

Hungry customers will fork over money for good food. If you know how to bake, sell your food at parties or local events and share your photos on social media. Selling baked goods is straightforward and flexible — and you’ll be able to eat any leftovers.

8. Host an experience

Companies like Airbnb are hiring online hosts to share their expertise with the world. Whether you want to offer a food tour or give a photography session, hosting an experience is a great way to share your passion with others.

9. Sell kids gear

If you’re a parent, chances are you have a baby swing, pack-n-play or stroller stored in a corner. Sell your high-quality gear online with websites like Good Buy Gear and WEEPEA.

10. Sell your old iPhone and electronics

If you have a pile of old electronics, consider selling them on Swappa. iPhones, laptops, video games and a host of gadgets can bring you cash that you can use to buy something else.

11. Buy — and resell — Amazon pallets

Learn how to make a lot of cash buying — and reselling — Amazon returns. Sites like BStock allow you to buy bulk pallets of products and resell them. Check with your state’s regulations to see if you need a resale certificate.


Ways to Make Money Online

12. Teach English online

Many companies such as VIP Kid and Cambly allow you to teach English online in 1-on-1 tutoring sessions. One of the best perks? You can set your own schedule and might get to speak with a student from a country like Brazil or France. 

13. Get paid to write reviews

We all shop online — why not earn extra income for reviewing the things you’re already buying? Check out TopCashBack to earn cash back on many online purchase.

14. Take online surveys

If you love being online, check out survey sites like Survey Junkie. They’ll pay you to take surveys and share your thoughts on products and services. Bonus: the surveys are quick, so you can hop online and complete a survey no matter where you are.

15.  Tap into your influencer dreams

Being an influencer doesn’t have to be your full-time job, but — if you’re good at it — it can become much more than a side gig. Influencers build a social media following and get paid by business owners to promote products, services and even destinations.

16. Become a freelancer

In today’s work-from-home market, a little bit of skill can go a long way. Freelance gigs typically pay per project, and you can say yes or no, depending on your availability. Companies like Fiverr and Upwork are great places to get started.

17. Start a blog or YouTube channel

Have you always dreamed of becoming a YouTuber or blogger? YouTube has a Partner Program that helps you get paid through advertisements on your channel. Posting affiliate marketing links to a blog can also help boost your revenue stream.

18. Help with online courses

Webinars can help businesses grow their audiences. If you have video or editing skills, consider making someone a video presentation and advertising your services at the end of the course.

19. Become a virtual assistant

If you like to help people, consider becoming a virtual assistant. Taking a simple virtual assistant certification course from an online company like Udemy can qualify you to provide support.

20. Design printables to sell on Etsy

If you love graphic design, check out the printables market. Sites like Etsy reach millions of customers and can be a good way to get started. Simply open an account, create a trial design and sell it as an instant download. 

21. Find a data entry gig

If you’ve always been a whiz at typing, look for data entry work-from-home jobs. Many have flexible hours and competitive pay, which can make them a great side hustle for a few hours on the weekend.         


Ways to Make Money Outside the Home

22. Become a DoorDash driver

DoorDash drivers (or bikers!) pick up and deliver orders from nearby restaurants to people at home or work. The best part? You can set your own schedule and score good tips.

23. Take a turn as a local tour guide

Do you live somewhere interesting? Become a local tour guide and kick your side hustle into high gear. Companies like ToursByLocals and Rent a Local Friend are great places to get started.

24. Set up a TaskRabbit account

Get hired to clean gutters, move furniture, plant gardens and more with a TaskRabbit account. This app connects local residents with fully-vetted Taskers who can help with everyday chores around the house. You also can set your own schedule and rates.

25. Rent out your car

Services like Turo can give you a quick revenue stream. To get started, register your vehicle and enter your location. The next time you’re not using your car, simply rent it out to someone else.

26. Wrapify your wallet

Speaking of cars, if you own a set of wheels, consider driving with Wrapify. They’ll wrap your car in advertising and you’ll earn extra cash just by driving around.

27. Become an Instacart shopper

If you love shopping, check out Instacart. Instacart shoppers buy groceries and deliver items to customers' homes. Again, you’ll be able to set your own hours and earn some tips.

28. Drive for Uber and Lyft

Make money on the go by becoming an Uber or Lyft driver. Even if you only drive sparingly, any extra cash can cover the gas you would’ve used anyway to drive to a nearby destination.

29. Walk a dog

If you love animals, volunteer to pet-sit your best bud’s dog. In return, ask them for referrals. Your pet-sitting business will be booming before you know it! There are even apps such as Rover that connects you with pet owners looking for dog walkers.

30. Babysit in the neighborhood

Whether you live in a small town or a big city, parents have one thing in common: they’re often looking for quality babysitters. Create a profile on to connect with families, or check out other listings to help care for seniors.

31. House-sit at a sweet pad

Add a side hustle to your life by house-sitting for neighbors and friends while they're out of town. You might be surprised to also find yourself at a sweet pad — sites like TrustedHousesitters offer opportunities all across the country.


Getting Started

Remember, a little bit of entrepreneurial spirit can go a long way. Think about things you already enjoy doing in your spare time and gigs with low start-up costs. Then, dive in! Remember, there’s no time like the present to make extra cash.

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