3 Simple Ways to Make Cash Quickly

While a short-term loan can provide cash quicker than most methods, if you are able to invest the time, blood, sweat, and tears, then perhaps one of the fast cash-generating ideas below will serve you well.


Landscaping for your neighbors is a tried ‘n true method of earning some money quickly. Everyone wants to have a beautiful yard, but very few people have the time to maintain it very well themselves. Oftentimes, landscaping is just a fancy way of saying “mowing a lawn,” but it can also include other activities, as well, such as hedge trimming, branch cutting, pulling weeds, and much more. The hourly wage from landscaping will certainly depend on your neighbor’s financial well-being and stinginess; however, you can generally expect to make $10+ per hour.

Roadside Sale

Many of us may recall the joys of selling tiny Dixie cups of lemonade on hot summer days to miserably parched vehicle operators.

As an adorable youngster, you were likely able to swindle drivers out of $1 for a 6 oz. cup of lemonade and then make a hefty tip on top of that.


Well, you might be a bit old to have a lemonade stand, but there are more sophisticated goods that you can sell on the road.First, choose what good you would like to distribute. Flowers are a great choice, as people coming home from work may want to surprise their significant other with something nice. Fresh fruits are yet another wonderful choice, especially if they are organic and can be labeled as such. Other options exist such as novelty items or homemade crafts. The choices are infinite. After you decide what you will sell, find a heavily trafficked street and start selling.

Sell Stuff Online

If hawking your stuff on the side of the road seems a little too rustic, why not set up a store online? If you have an artistic side, you can sell your homemade crafts and artwork on Etsy.com. Just set up your account, snap some pictures, and post your items. Soon you could be getting paid to enjoy your hobby. If you’re not much of an artist, you probably still have tons of stuff lying around the house that you could sell. Take a box of old books, CDs or DVDs and sell them in the Amazon.com Marketplace or auction them off on eBay. Never forget that one person’s trash is another’s treasure, and somebody out there in internet land may pay a good price for things collecting dust in your garage.

You Can Do It

If you’re struggling to come up with money for an impending deadline through “normal” means of income, then perhaps it’s time to try something a little more unorthodox. Numerous individuals have had great success with the methods above, and I am certain that with enough effort, you can be successful with them, too. Sometimes, it just takes a little extra elbow grease, imagination, and maybe some plasma. I believe in you.

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